Ba Be National Park requested for honours

According to National Heritage Council, Ba Be National Park is one of the 10 tangible and intangible heritage locations that Vietnam is requesting UNESCO to recognize.

Together with three other National Parks – Hoang Lien (Lao Cai Province), Chu Nom Ray (Kon Tum Province) and Kon Ka King (Gia Lai Province), Ba Be was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park in late 2004, acknowledging its tourism, scientific research, cultural, and educational value.

Ba Be National Park is located 40km from Bac Kan Town, 250 km from Hanoi. The park extends over more than 10,000 ha, in which the dominant feature is Ba Be Lake. The lake, after which the park is named, is surrounded by evergreen forests on limestone cliffs and is home to a diverse range of endemic freshwater fish species. The lake also provides an important source of protein and fresh water to numerous lakeside villages.

Ba Be Lake was recognized as one of 20 special freshwater lakes worldwide in need protection at the Conference on World Freshwater Lakes held in America in 1995. According to incomplete statistics, Ba Be Lake is currently home to 1,280 plant species, among which many are endangered. Twenty-five species are listed in the International Union of Natural Conservation (IUNC) Red Book.

Home to 183 species of orchids, Ba Be National Park is acknowledged by national and international experts as the centre of the most diverse range of endemic orchids, not only in Vietnam but throughout Southeast Asia. Another feature of the Park is its abundant and diverse fauna, containing more than 600 species, although sadly, illegal hunting has pushed many to the brink of extinction. The park has many other attractions, such as Puong Cave, Dau Dang Waterfall, Tien (fairy) Pond, and the Room Waterfall. In 2004, more than 63,000 tourists visited the park.

(Vietnam Net)

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