Baalbek is a must visit in Lebanon. Even for people who visit Syria it is worth the detour from Damascus to see the impressive roman ruins of Baalbek. Located in the northern Bekaa Valley, it is one of the worlds oldest cities. It has the most impressive classical ruins in Lebanon and its one of the most important Roman sites in the Middle East.
The main sight is the Temple of Jupiter. Only six of the original 54 columns are still standing but these alone give you an idea of the incredible height of the building. The columns are said to be the largest in the world.

Though smaller than the Temple of Jupiter the nearby Temple of Bacchus is a wonderfully preserved architectural beauty. Take your time walking around its outer portico marveling at the intricately carved stone. From this position you also have a good view of the huge stone blocks that formed the foundation for the Temple of Jupitersome of the blocks are believed to weigh more than 1 000 tons. Finally enter the Temple of Bacchus at its eastern end walking up the flight of stairs and through the ornate doorway.

Baalbek can be seen as a day trip from Beirut or it can be visited together with Zahle.