BA BE LAKES The biggest lakes in the North of the country. Ba Be Lakes is located 145n above sea level and are surrounded by chains of limestone rocks with numerous caves and underground vivers. The panorama of Ba Be Lakes is like a fascinating Chinese ink painting. Next to Ba Be Lake are Ao Tien and Dau Dang Waterfalls, both of these are wonderful sites for explore.

CAO BANG The way from Ha Noi to Cao Bang is 272km long passing many slopes and passes. Cao Bang has the border with China. The whole province is at the height of about 1,000m elevation, the climate is very close to the temperate one, cool weather lasts around the year. In Trung Khanh and Tra Linh areas there are snowfalls in the winter.

PAC PO Pac Po valley is 55km in the north direction of Cao Bang town. The name Pac Po means the mouth of the spring; this is where a spring starts pouring out and then creating the Trung and Mang rivers. After 30 years of tramping about abroad through thick and thin in search of a way to save the country, on 8 February 1941 President Ho Chi Minh had returned to the fatherland and chose Coc Bo cave in this valley as his living and working place. In Coc Bo cave, there is a stalactite which looks like a Karl Marx statue therefore President Ho Chi Minh named it Karl Marx. Under the mountain there is a limpid spring, which was named Lenin by the President. The place with the mighty nature charming sights is very attractive to ecology tourists and history researchers.

BAN GIOC WATER FALL Ban Gioc is the most beautiful and imposing waterfall in Vietnam. Together with the mountains, rivers and marvelous grottoes in the area, ban Gioc is an attractive tourist site for visitors.

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