The origin of Baden lies in the healing powers of the sulfur springs. The Romans experienced and enjoyed the waters, calling the place Aquae. Until today, the town bases its image on the element of water in all its different aspects.
Baden has held a special place in Austrian history since Emperor Francis I chose this idyllic town for his Imperial summer residence between 1814 (the year of the Vienna Congress) to 1834. Artists, intellectuals as well as the so-called Good Society followed him.


The blending of art and money set a high standard and created a unique atmosphere, which the city continues to preserve. The Viennese Woods and the luscious vineyards merge into the Romantic lanes and squares of Baden forming a harmony with the Biedermeier houses creating a particular ambiance that is both serene and radiant, filled with the joy of life. Only 26 kilometers from Vienna, the cultural capital of Austria, Baden offers a rich variety of baths and springs, parks and gardens, coffeehouses, idyllic wine places as well as leisure and sports facilities.

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