Baden-Wurttemberg is together with Bavaria the largest Southern region in Germany. Famous tourist attractions are the Black Forest with its sparkling mineral springs. The best known spa (and also casino) here is Baden-Baden which is visited for its healing water. Freiburg is also called the gateway to the Black forest. This university-city has a lot of architectural work to offer, and a lot of south German atmosphere as well. Another older university town situated in the north of Baden-Wurttemberg is Heidelberg, the most famous place on the river Rhine.

The capital of this region is Stuttgart which is full of green areas and is an very open city. For other interesting places visit Friedrichshafen, Lake constance, Schiltach, Tbingen or Ulm in this region.

Great importance is attached in Baden-Wurttemberg to the upkeep of traditional customs, encouraging a sense of identity with the State and interest in local history. The State Government promotes a wide range of activities and projects which are intended to help keep alive age-old customs and local specialties in a wide range of fields from dialects and poetry to costumes, music and other forms of local expression. It also makes available subsidies for associations in our State dedicated to the preservation of local heritage and which are based in Baden-Wurttemberg.