Bagno Vignoni

Bagno Vignoni is a very little city in the hills around Siena, in Tuscany. Not very well known as a touristic destination, is actually an amazing place: the city was built around a thermal area that still gives the place is fisionomy. In the center of the town, other than the classical square, there is a very big thermal pool where, they say, S. Francesco used to refresh his feet after his long and medative walkings in the hills. Today it is forbidden to do the same, but there are little canals that from the pool make their way between the houses and out in the little, suggestive surroundings, where you will be permitted to refresh!

The place is very near to Bagni San Filippo, another thermal place famous for its big, calcarean fall where little pools of hot thermal water are used even in winter to have a relaxing bath…

The area is very well known for wines as well, Montepulciano in primis, but can offer good food, especially good cheese, as well.

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