Baguia is a town in the Baukau district in east Timor. This is located in the eastern region of the country. The capital of the district is Baucau. This is a fresh, green and unspoilt region in East Timor. There are gently rolling hills in the region where you can go to spend a great time. You are sure to be rejuvenated after vacationing in the land of Baguia.

There are many hotels in Baguia and you should have no problem in finding a hotel. The hotels are all equipped with modern amenities to take care of your needs while you are here. You can also go to the many restaurants that are there in the town.


There are many tourist destinations in Baguia. This is a lush green region and has some of the spectacular scenery of the region. You would be able to see nature at her best while you are here. You can walk the mountain paths while you are here and discover some of the indigenous flora of the region. You are also sure to sight some exotic animals and birds as you explore the region. This hilly region gave a good cover to the guerrillas when they had fought against the Indonesians. You can go to the Matebean Mountain which is the second highest mountain in east Timor. The place has a pleasant climate.

There is a castle in Baguia where you can go. It was built by the Portuguese during their stay in the country. It was later used as a sub district administration office. Besides this there are some other structures that are located here. You would have a nice time exploring this region.

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