Bahadur Shah Park / Victoria Park (1857 MEMORIAL)

Built to commemorate the martyrs of the first liberation war (1857-59) against the British rule. It was here that the revolting sepoys and their civil compatriots were publicly hanged. There is a large monument which was erected in 1962.

Bahadur Shah Park is enriched with some architectural displays. It has two entrances. Plenty of tall trees really make the place majestic. The sculptures in the park are one of a kind. There is a tall memorial at the eastern side. It is an Obelisk which commemorates the ascending of the throne of Queen Victoria as Empress of India and British Empire. There is another magnificent sculpture at the western part. It was built in the honour of the martyrs. There is also an octagonal fountain in the middle of a star shaped fountain in the park. It is a place of utter historical importance for our nation. Bahadur Shah Park now attracts the young and the old, who come here to enjoy the peaceful environment. Whether you are interested in the history of Bangladesh or are simply looking for a place to take a relaxing stroll, Bahadur Shah Park is a delightful attraction in Dhaka.

There are many educational institutions around the park. These are Jagannath University, Shaheed Suhrawardy College, Kabi Nazrul College, City Corporation Mohila College, Government Muslim High School and Sunflower High School, among many others. At daytime, students of these institutions gather and gossip in the park area and many health conscious people come to the park for jogging and walking in the morning and in the afternoon. The park provides good opportunity to its visitors to look back at the turbulent history of the nation. The park attracts some two thousand visitors each day and frequently sets the scene for cultural and religious festivals.