Bahrain Travel Tips

Bahrain Travel Tips are necessary if you are planning a trip to the Kingdom of Bahrain. You can site this island country in the Persian Gulf. To the west of Bahrain, you can find Saudi Arabia and in the south, you will come across the major city of Qatar. With the capital city of Manama, this country stretches for about seven hundred and seven square kilometers. This country is marked by the presence of long stretches of low desert plain. Bahrain experiences mild winters and hot and humid summers. November to March can be the ideal time to visit this country and to savor its beauty and charm. Various Bahrain Travel Tips will make your trip a wonderful experience.

The country is connected with all other countries of the world. Convenient Transportation in Bahrain makes it widely frequented by visitors from all corners of the world. The cities within Bahrain are also easily linked because of the excellent transportation network. This country is served by the King Fahd International Airport that is located near Dammam in Saudi Arabia. The taxi transportation also helps in the easy access to the city. The country is also easily connected by roadways, ports and harbors.
Bahrain has a constitutional monarchy ruling over the country. It got its independence on 15th of August, 1971. People, here speak Arabic as the official language and Persian as the other language. English is also widely spoken in this country.

Bahrain is dominated by the Muslim population. About 70% of Shi’a Muslims dwell in this country. There are 15% of Sunni Muslim and quite a few other religions. The economical conditions of this country are very high. Bahraini Dinar is the official currency in use in this country. Bahrain has been recognized for having the fastest growing economy in the whole of the Arab world.

There are various important places of interest in Bahrain, which you can visit and spend a quality time out here. Here, you can find various mosques, tombs, mausoleums, parks, museums and various architectural excellences, which are worth visiting. Bahrain boasts of its Formula One Race tracks. Tourism industry has over the years developed in this part of the world. During your Bahrain Travel, you can find various categories of hotels to put up a comfortable and pleasurable stay.

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