Baja Dreaming, California

There is always that quest to have the perfect vacation. However, certain factors come into play when you plan your vacation. There is the issue of time. Sometimes, you only get a couple days off work and the best vacation spots are unfortunately hours away from where you are living. Of course, finances and budget are also important factors. It would be so easy if everybody could just go to the gorgeous beaches of Ibiza, and spend the vacation of their lives there. Alas, only the fortunate wealthy can afford to plan a vacation in such a gorgeous destination at the drop of the hat. With all these factors, and seeming setbacks, what does the regular vacationer do? Easy. He finds a vacation spot that approximates paradise. And he finds that paradise in Baja California.

Baja California, found in Mexico, is a peninsula located between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. It is located near the United States, which is why it is a favorite vacation spot for Americans, especially those in San Diego or California, which is merely an hour’s drive from Baja.

Baja boasts of having the finest beaches in Mexico. The sands are fine and white, the waters are pristine and mild. Baja has a quaint feel to it. It is a throwback to the past, where life was gentler and slower. The countless hotels around Baja are reflective of this Mexican culture of warmth and quaintness. The brilliant colors, and the quiet surroundings is a perfect reflection of Mexican culture.

But don’t be fooled by the quiet town. When vacationing in Baja, you have to be prepared for a whole lot of adventure. The beaches at Baja, no matter how serene and pristine they are, aren’t merely for swimming and lounging. Any vacationer in Baja can attest to the fact that Baja is a great place for water activities.

Surfing is one of the more popular activities in Baja, especially for the youth. The beaches in Todos Santos are perfect for this activity. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the waters and the waves will be just to your liking. The temperate waters are also a plus factor when surfing. You don’t have to own a wetsuit if you want to surf. Just get your swimming attire, and it’s off to surf you go!

If you have less inclination for balancing on a surfboard, then you can opt to engage in another of Baja’s popular activities: fishing. This time, you’ve got little chance of wiping out and a bigger chance of getting a great catch. The seas of Baja are teeming with fishes of all kinds and sizes. Since Baja is surrounded by both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, there is an abundance of fish to catch in Baja. From Bass to Marlin, to Swordfishes and Groupers, the diversity of the fishes is definitely something to look forward to. Fishing in Baja is usually done in the morning. Tourists can hire tour groups if they want to sail out to sea and get their catch from the deeper parts of the ocean. Others who don’t want to rent a boat can try their hand at fly-fishing, where they can enjoy fishing from shallow waters. No matter which type of fishing you go for, you’ll definitely enjoy this activity.

The activities in Baja do not end at surfing and fishing. There are countless other activities that will make any vacation truly unforgettable. You can go whale watching at the Pacific Ocean, Diving or Snorkeling, Camping by the shore, and even golfing. Indeed, there is never a lack of activities to be done while vacationing in Baja, and we haven’t even started on the night life.

If you’re looking for that perfect vacation, then Baja is the best place to go to. It’s got sand, surf, and everything else in between.