Ballooning in Nepal

Ballooning in Nepal is a recent sport added in the Adventure Tours in Nepal. The country, rich in scenic splendour and cultural treasures, offers wonderful place for enjoying several adventurous sports. Ballooning in Nepal provides you the opportunity to view the incredible country from heights. The Ballooning Adventure in Nepal starts early in the morning as it takes more than half an hour for hot air to inflate the cold balloon. As the burner imbibes gas, the balloon starts to pick up slowly and you can feel the slow departure and as you go up you can enjoy the mesmerizing and picturesque view of the entire region. The ideal period for enjoying the Sport of Ballooning in Nepal is between October and March. The Ballooning sport is very much dependent of the velocity and direction of the wind and so on a strong windy day it is impossible to enjoy balloon trip. Most of the balloon flights initiate from the historic town of Bhaktapur and provides you a panoramic view of Kathmandu town and the surrounding valley.

The Ballooning Adventure in Nepal is extremely popular and has grown in popularity with the conventional adventure sports such as Trekking and Hill-Biking in Nepal. The best thing involved in Ballooning in Nepal is that you get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the spectacular Kathmandu valley. On a clear day you can enjoy viewing the Greater Himalayan Peaks. Imagine of flying 3000 meters above the Kathmandu valley on a basket and enjoying the vast vistas of enchanting sights. The best part of this journey is that you get to view the awesome wilderness of Himalayas which is believed to be the dwelling place of gods.

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