Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc is the loftiest and most beautiful fall in Viet Nam. Legendary history of Ban Gioc Fall is really a national identity, human-felt and age-long solidarity between Tay and Nung ethnic minorities. Legend has it that: long long ago, there’s a boy born into a poor family who had to be fed and bred up by a rich landlord in Luoc Pan Village. One day, the boy is busy playing games with his friends. He let a cow eat rice-paddies of the neighbor, when he started looking for the cow, which too frightened, ran away and dragged on with the boy holding the cow’s tail. The boy and the cow disappeared in a long and deep cave and he was believed to die with the cow by the villagers. Long after that, one day, the Tay residents in Ban Gioc found a boy, stupefied at the foot of the fall, he turned dumb. The villagers brought him home and he was well-bred. One year later, the boy became strong and could tell everything. He was allowed to reunify with his family. So the people in Luoc Pan Village had a happy dinner and swore to be brothers. The legendary story “Luoc Pan Village lost a cow” was gone into history to show the friendship and solidarity between people. There might be an underground road linking the two villages.

At the height of 53m and 300m large, Ban Gioc Waterfall is naturally in 3 layers with small falls. Water flows down from the peak, makes up a curtain of water-drops to splash to the visitors. Merry booms and sounds could be heard from distance and look like 3 pieces of whitened silk. On summer hot days, it’s freshening here and at sunrise everyday, there seems to be a rainbow glistening in colors.
Rice-fields and the water-wheels that look like giants day and night. About 100m from the milestone 53, the river suddenly falls down and a water-drop curtain seems to freshen the whole area. The creator unintentionally makes a wonderful scene. Beyond a dozen of meters, the river seems to be quiet and meek and mild again. Everything seems to contribute to an attraction.

Visitors to the fall in autumn are opportune to try Trung Khanh chestnuts, a local specialty. More and more tourists turn their hearts and minds to the scene every year.

(Vietnam Tourism Review)

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