A visit to the Philippines cannot be complete without checking out the world famous Banaue rice terraces. Already declared as a UNESCO Heritage site, one cannot help but marvel at the sight of mountain slopes carved liked a giant stairway. From Manila,take the night bus heading directly to Banaue.
The best spot to see the terraces is in Batad. From Banaue town proper, take a jeepney or tricycle to Batad junction then hike up to Batad Village. Cheap accommodations are available for those who want to stay overnight or more. For those not inclined to explore further you can still see the terraces around the town proper. The Viewpoint is also 4km away from the center and you can hire a tricyce to take you there. You can also get a glimpse of the everyday life of the indigenous Ifugaos, the proud builders of the amazing rice terraces.
For those who want to maximize their trip to the Cordilleras, a 3 hour jeepney ride gets you to nearby Sagada, known for their caves, mummified dead and hanging coffins.

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