Bang Ping Mountain in Taiwan

The Bang Ping Mountain, Kaohsiung is visited by thousands of holidayers from all over the world and is regarded as one of the most important Tourist Attractions in Kaohsiung. Bang Ping Mountain, Kaohsiung is one such place which is regarded as an oft-visited Tourist Destination of Kaohsiung. Mainly known for its export products Kaohsiung is considered as an important centre of trade and commerce in all over the world.
With the development of tourism Kaohsiung has earned a position in the list of every traveler’s dream destination. If we look at the geographical patterns of Taiwan we will see that major portions of Taiwan are covered by the mountainous range. The geographical feature varies from place to place and some of the famous mountain ranges include the Yushan Mountain Range, Alishan Mountain, Snow Mountain Range and the Central Mountain Range. Bang Ping Mountain surrounds the city of Kaohsiung and is part of the Yushan Range.
From Kaohsiung you can see the outline of the mighty Bang Ping Mountain in Kaohsiung on a clear day. Certain areas of the Bang Ping Mountain, Kaohsiung boast of mountain trails while the height of the mountain is not that much. Hiking in the Bang Ping Mountain, Kaohsiung might be an excellent idea if you are an outdoor person and looking for some adventure. According to geographical details the rocky formations in Taiwan happened due to tectonic movement of the plates. As the Pacific plate and the Asia-Europe plate came closer the compression resulted in the growth of the mighty Himalayas and the mountain range in Kaohsiung.
There are plans of expansion in the nearby areas and the Bang Ping Mountain. Although the mountain trails have just been opened for the hikers the government of Kaohsiung wants to make a natural reserve and recreation park at the base of the mountain. For visiting the Bang Ping Mountain, Kaohsiung you have to get down at the HSR Kaohsiung Zuoying Station. This station is situated at the southern side of the Bang Ping Mountain. Sightseeing in Kaohsiung will be incomplete without a visit to the Bang Ping Mountain, Kaohsiung.

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