Banlung in northern Cambodia makes a great destination for travelers who enjoy being outdoors.It is the capital of Ratnakiri Province. Several tour companies overnight or multi-day trips into the jungles allowing adventuresome travelers to get up close and personal with nature. They offer visitors the opportunity to view a variety of monkeys and other wildlife, though some visitors don’t appreciate getting that close to leeches. A sorter trips to Yeak Laom Volcanic Lake offers the opportunity to see deep lakes as well as see Cambodian women doing traditional weaving. Yeak Loam Lake is situated 5 km. south – east of Banlung. The Yeak Loam lake (volcanic crater) is the most beautiful lake of Ratanakiri formed by a volcanic eruption almost 4,000 years ago with 50 m. deep, 800 m. diameter and a walking path around the lake of 2,500 m. Two hundred meters of the track is a quaint wooden building housing tribal handicraft, the Crafts Museum.

Kachang Waterfall is situated 6km. north – west of Banlung. This Waterfall is located in the Kontung stream and flows into the Sre Pok River. The height of it is 12 m. and the water flows and falls throughout the year. A beautiful or magnificent landscape and huge amounts of fresh mist surround the waterfall. The visitors can take a bath and sit to look at the waterfall and other natural scenic beauties. or the visitors can also go around to view other natural sights on foot or take an elephants ride.

A shopping spree starts at the Banlung market. Shopping bargains can be found on intricate stone, wood carvings, gem stones and other varieties of goods, many brought in by tribes like baskets, crossbows, gourds (water containers), bracelets, necklaces, cloth pipe from the outskirts of town make for an interesting and very colorful morning stroll.

Known for its red dirt, Ratanakiri becomes a dust-bowl in the dry season and a mudpit in the wet. While the roads have improved considerably, in the height of wet season some are virtually impassable. A good time to visit is in November, when the rains have stopped and the dust has not got too far out of hand. Bear in mind that tourism is still a developing business here and that things may not always turn out quite as you expect. The makeshift feel to trips around the province add to its authentic allure.