Barcelona Zoo of Spain

The Barcelona Zoo was shaped in the year 1892 .It is a wonderful tourist spot in the heart of the city of Barcelona where one could have a spectacular sight of different species of flora and fauna from all over the world. The Zoo is a perfect place to enjoy for both the children as well as adults in the family. An ideal place to observe the rare natural activities of the wild animals, the Barcelona Zoo is located in the Parc de la Ciutadella. It contains more than 7,000 animals from all-over the globe. Very few cities in the world can boast of a zoo that houses animals that are unique. Barcelona is just one of these rare cities which takes in its pride to house the unique Snowflake, the Albino Gorilla Floquet de Neu Other inmates occupying the different chambers of the zoo include dolphins, penguins, snakes, elephants and the long necked giraffes.The animals are kept in the open and are not caged which allows some wild life enthusiasts to go near and even touch the animals. There is an infant zoo where children can enjoy observing different animals in their natural surrounding. You can take a round of the Zoo in the train or even hire an electric buggy. There are restaurants, shops, Ponies, Electric cars and a Mini-train within the Zoo. There is an artificial mountain set up as well within the Zoo. The mountain is built somewhat similar in shape and size of the mystical Montserrat sierra.
This zoo takes pride on the humane facilities and the habitat it offers to the wild animals. There is a special display of reptiles such as chameleons and iguanas in the Barcelona Zoo. The dolphin shows and the killer whale shows are the main attractions of the zoo. The dolphins give a wonderful performance at the glass windows of the pool. One can visit the zoo at any time between 10 am to 5 pm in the winters. In summers, it is open from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm. Barcelona and Arc de Triomf are the nearest Metro stations. Barcelona Zoo is a good spot to spend the whole day. Other then observing the wild animals, the children can enjoy riding on the ponies. They may even take rides in the electric cars or in the mini-train.

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