Bardejov is a small jewel in the north east of Slovakia. It has a beautifully preserved core of a medieval town with a basilica, town hall and a car free center square with a number of cafe and restaurant patios. This is one of the three Unesco World Heritage Centers in Slovakia.

At the North end of the town’s square is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Egidius. The church was completed in 1464 and the visitor can see one the finest examples of Late-Gothic architecture in Eastern Slovakia. The new City Hall was built in Late Gothic style at the beginning of the 15th century as a counterbalance, both functionally and ideologically, just a stone throw from the Church of St. Egidius at the main square.

From early 18th century Jewish merchants bagan to settle in the town. They erected a self contained town complex with a synagogue in 1773, school, gathering hall, cemetery and a ritual bath in 19th century. Although there are no more Jews left in Bardejov, These monuments remain as memorials to the 3,000 killed in WWII.