Barranquilla is one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia. It’s worth to travel and be witness to one of the most representative festivities in the whole latinoamerican region: the Carnival. It is ranked as the second in South America, but truly they have their own charm and can be a very exciting and memorable experience.

You can shop in any of the modern malls in the downtown area. The city has plenty to offer: a very exciting night life as well as many international restaurants. Visit the Museo Romantico to get a taste of the city’s traditions.

The city is ranked as the fourth one in importance of Colombia, and it’s the most important sea port on the Colombian Caribbean. Its economy is based on industry and commerce. Its population is around 1.7 million in 2001, but its metropolitan area can be over 2.2 million.

The Ernesto Cortizzos Int’l airport serves domestic and international travel. It is quite modern and comfortable.

The weather in Barranquilla is hot and humid (29C and 65% of relative humidity), with no much variation along the year. However, northern winds cool the city in a period between december and february, making weather more comfortable. Barranquilla has many beautiful beaches, and landscapes.

In the photograph you can see the Hotel El Prado, five star hotel established in the first half of the last century. It is a beautiful construction that has the name of the most traditional neighborhood in the city: El Prado. This part of the city was a huge planning project leaded by Karl C. Parrish, an illustrated designer that , inspired in the American architecture, started to inspired the greatness of this city: Big houses, parks and boulevards give this part of the city a different taste from the modern constructions that you can find in the northwest.

If you go to Barranquilla, do not forget to taste the great flavor of our own cousine: Arepa e’ Huevo (arepa with egg), Mojarra frita (fried mojarra), all kinds of Sancochos (thick soup with vegetables. The can be made of: beef, chicken, fish, guandules, and a combination of all of them), butifarra (a type of Italian sausage), and an excellent selection of Arabic and Chinese food that will make you lick your fingers!

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