Baska is the best known tourist centre on the island of Krk.

Its position in the northern part of the Croatian coastline putting it closest to the centre of Europe.

The position of Baka has ensured it a distinctive spot on the tourist scene, Baka being one of the Top Ten of the tourist destinations of the Adriatic Sea.
It is located in a gentle valley and in a bay surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and flowering broom, with a picturesque background of the rocky mountains and the islet of Prvic, which seems as

if it is intent on giving all-round protection to the unique 1,800 m long pebble beach, justly said to be

one of the most lovely in the Adriatic. Baka abounds in beaches, some thirty pebbled beaches accessible to swimmers of all ages, while some of them have to be reached on foot or by boat. Still, the biggest and one of the most beautiful is Baka’s Vela Plaa, the Great Beach, right in the centre of town, surrounded by bars, restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, hotels, private flats and other things all of which are an integral part of the place’s attractions.
The Great Beach is a natural pebble beach, 1800 m long, which can take several thousand swimmers with ease. It’s particularly suitable for children and non-swimmers.

Since 1999, the European Blue Flag has waved on Baka’s Great Beach, today a trademark of Baka, as proof of the high quality and standards of the beach. The Blue Flag for Beaches is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe, and symbolises a well-preserved, safe and pleasant surrounding, purity of sea and coast, and a beach that is well laid out and maintained, with a well developed system for the management of the area. On the beach you can hire pedal boats, windsurfers, parasols, deckchairs and other things to help you have a great holiday on the beach.
It was the beaches that spearheaded the development of holidaymaking in Baka, long ago in 1908, when the first bathing area on the island of Krk was officially opened.
Today, the purpose of the beach is just the same as it was a century ago, but now with features that ensure each visitor a safe and carefree stay.
A Beach Bylaw laid down by the Baka Municipality sets out the way in which the beaches should be used and order maintained on them:


Baka actually has one of the most impressive and most ancient cultures in Europe. Its cultural heritage makes it one of the most interesting and appealing places in the Croatian Adriatic, as well as in Europe in general.
Baka is known in history and literature for its famed Baka Tablet, but it is also proud of other valuable cultural features of interest that attract the attention. From the old nucleus of the town, the remains of the Roman settlement, to monuments of religious art. Baka has a great many cultural features of interest. From old buildings and palaces to religious monuments.


The Baka cuisine is an exceptional sensory experience which can’t leave anyone indifferent. And it will captivate you too.
Sensory enjoyments can be crowned only with good food, is the word since the ancient Romans. If you decide to try cuisine and specialities, you will see that this saying is extremely close to the truth.
At the end, it is a known fact that this saying of the Romans came into being precisely in this area.