Basking on Beautiful Borobudur

One of the 7 wonders in the ancient world, Borobudur is located near Magelang. Borobudur, a Hindu Buddhist temple, was built in the 9th century. This temple has Gupta architecture of India’s influence.
Constructed on a hill about 46 meters high, Borobudur has about 55,000 m3 or stones. Borobudur is design symbolizes the structure of the universe. This design influences temples in Angkor, Cambodia. This temple was found in 1815, under volcanic ash. About 41 kilometers northward from Jogjakarta, Borobudur offers spectacular sight in this modern world.

Getting There
Borobudur is only 1 hour away by car from Jogjakarta. You can either join a tour or rent a car to this spot.

Where to Stay
Inns and hotels in Jogjakarta.

Moving Around
You’ll explore this site on foot. Climb this magnificent temple and marvel at various carvings on the stone around you.

Dining Guide
You can bring your own food or buy them around this site.

Souvenir Tips
Souvenirs related to Borobudur can be bought in Jogjakarta. You can buy silver Borobudur’s miniature (silver plated ones are also available), keychains, and many more. T-Shirts and postcards with an overview of Borobudur are popular as keepsakes.

Other Things to See or Do
Marvel at the magnificent view. For better understanding of this temple, you can join a tour or hire a licensed tour guide here. Climb the temple to reach the top, where you can see an vacant space signifying emptiness as completion. There’s a superstition saying that if you climb this temple with one wish deep in mind, try touching Buddha’s figure inside the stupa, which is bell-like in structure. If you’re able to touch the Buddha, your wish will come true. Take note of the stone carvings. There are many stories in these stones.

Travel Tips
Dress lightly and comfortably.
Hire a licensed tour guide, so you’ll get better information.
Wear a hat or an umbrella. Bring along a raincoat, just in case.