If you just want to get away from it all for a holiday in the lush warmth of a very cheap, easily accessible tropical island then its all here with beautiful waterfront, marina and golf course resorts waiting to cater to your every whim with grace and style.

Or there the Batam entertainment scene a full-blown, low-cost playground on the front doorstep of Singapore with a burgeoning nightlife like the Thailand or Macau of yesteryear. Its still a new, fresh, raw and vibrant, frontier yet at the same time is captivatingly laid back, and welcoming. And the beautiful, smiling, welcoming Indonesian women are judged by many of the Westerners who have visited, settled and often married here to be among the most gracious, charming and generous in the world.

If business and investment are your prime interests then you have found one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economic zones of South Asia one where you will get the Red Carpet treatment from local authorities who understand your needs and concerns and want you here.

Should you simply want to set up a home here property is cheap, living costs are low and most of the services you need for a quality lifestyle are readily available. If you need more then Singapore is just an hour away across the Strait.

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