Batang Ai National Park

Gazetted in 1991, Batang Ai National Park shelters many protected animals. It also serves as a water catchment area for a huge artificial lake, creating the Batang Ai Hydro-electric dam.

The lake extends up to the Engkari and Ai Valleys, where the scenery complements an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Because of the limited facilities available within the park, the best way to see it is by arranging to be part of a longhouse tour. You’ll get a chance to meet natives of the Iban tribe and discover how they live in their communal house and how they interact non-destructively with nature.

Key Tips
A visit to the longhouse is a great experience, especially since the Ibans are such hospitable and lively people.

How to get there
By Road
Batang Ai National Park is a few hours’ drive from Kuching. If you go with a tour, your transport is included.

Accommodation Overview
Besides the 5-star resort in the park, operators can organise stays at nearby Iban longhouses.