Batu Pahat

Second only to Johor Bahru, this rapidly expanding town is also considered as the textile capital of Malaysia. It still retains a semblance of old world atmosphere, especially in its buildings which reflect their Asian influences and culture which meld harmoniously into this busy, fast paced town. Its becoming an increasingly popular conference venue and regional business centre.

A favourite resting place with road travelers, a brief stop here should give you a chance to taste a wide range of fruits, groundnuts and other local delicacies as well as souvenirs and curios.

Perigi Batu Pahat (Batu Pahat Well) is an ancient landmark which is believed to have given Batu Pahat its name. It is believed that this crude well was dug as far back as the 16th century, by Siamese warriors to collect fresh water.

This well was previously known as Perigi Siam (Siamese Well).The well, which has been dug in a rocky area is said to have led to the name Batu Pahat which literally translates to ‘chiselled rock’.