Visitors planning for Baucau Travel find traveling to the second largest city of East Timor easy. The Transportation in Baucau is as good as any modern city and Baucau Travel will always remain a smooth event.

Visitors traveling to Baucau will find numerous mode of transport to reach the city. Getting to Baucau is easy with the availability of air and road connection available for reaching the city.


Being a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of Tourist Attractions in Baucau. Baucau is one of the major cities in East Timor. It is the second largest city in the country and is known for its vibrant environment. Plenty of Baucau tours are organized to the various Tourist Attractions in Baucau. The city is surrounded by extensive vegetation.

There are beautiful beaches, rugged landscape and sprawling vegetation. These are popular Baucau tourist attractions. Plenty of sightseeing tours are offered by the local tourist board as well as various travel agencies. There are half day tours as well as single day tours. Most tours are made in cars or buses while walking tours are also available.

The beaches in Baucau are popular tourist attractions in Baucau. The city is home to idyllic beaches and lovely reefs. The beaches are surrounded by rambling pine and coconut trees. Some of the beaches also have rocky cliffs which are wonderful to look from a distance. Travelers can also enjoy various types of recreational activities in the beaches. There are provisions for various water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and so on. The beaches also have local dining spots where tourists can have a taste of delicious local and Asian cuisine. Freshly prepared seafood is also served.

Apart from these, Baucau consists of popular dining and shopping zones which rank among popular tourist attractions in Baucau. Dining in Baucau is one of the popular things to do in the city. The dining spots serve travelers with a wide range of food and drinks. Various types of mouth watering local delicacies are obtained in the regional restaurants. Freshly prepared seafood is also available. Tourists can shop for handicrafts and local artifacts from the regional markets and regional shops. The supermarkets and departmental stores sell foreign made items. The festive season is the best season to shop when heavy discounts and rebates are offered.


The airport at Baucau is called the Cakung Airport which lies six kilometer from the city center. It is the largest airport of the country. The airport at Dili called Lobato International Airport serves only small airplanes like Boeing 737. The airport in Dili used to serve as the principal airport of the country before the invasion of the country by Indonesia in 1975. But after war, it was taken over by the Indonesian military in that year.

There are regular car services available from Dili to Baucau that follows the northern coastline that tourists can avail of. The total distance of the travel is 123 km away. In spite of the road being tortuous, the journey is pretty safe. The turns found along the road provide some breath-taking views of the ocean. The hillside rises on the other side of the road. Visitors can also hire cars to reach Baucau from Rentlo and Thrifty in Dili.

There are regular long distance bus services available from Kota Baru, from the roundabout of the market area. Visitors can travel by bus to Dili, Los Palos, Viqueque on the south coast and to small villages around Baucau.

Presently there are no ferry service available to visit Baucau, but a major port is being developed that will start the ferry service.

Visitors to the country need not have visa permit before entering the country. Visa permit is provided to tourists for 30 days on arrival at the airport, provided they have a valid passport. One can extend their stay for another period of 30 days on payment of an extra fee.

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