Beach Tours in New Zealand

The fun filled beach tours in New Zealand comprise one of the most enjoyable adventure tours in the country. Surrounded by the azure Pacific on all sides, the beaches in New Zealand is a fabulous place to enjoy long strolls or a sunbath. Some of the most spectacular and well frequented beaches in the country like 90 Mile Beach and Cape Reinga facilitate the wonderful beach tours in New Zealand to a great extent.

The Far North New Zealand beach tours are enjoyable to one and all. Displaying a host of stunning and fascinating places off-the-beaten path, these beaches draw a large number of tourists. If you are interested in exploring the natural abundance of the country, taking part in the beach walks in New Zealand is the best option. Walk on the white and sandy beaches while enjoying the cool breeze and breathtaking vistas of the sea. One of the most important site for the beach tours in New Zealand is the Cape Reinga. The myths and legends of Cape Reinga will surely enthrall you.

Beside enjoying the natural beauty, exploring the historical and archaeological sites around the beach is a reward. You can also dive into the turquoise water of Pacific, not only to enjoy the soothing water but also to discover the abundant underwater marine life. The exotic pine forests are the other interesting destinations that comprise an important part of the beach tours in New Zealand. The wild horses of Aupouri or the prehistoric Kauri logs carbon that are 30-50 thousand years old too will certainly draw your attention.

The beach tours in New Zealand offers interactive, enjoyable eco-tours in the greater Auckland area and North Island of New Zealand. These long beach walks are a good stress buster, offering you a break from the monotony of metropolis. The other popular destinations for beach tours are Auckland’s Coastal Rainforest, Great Barrier Island, Nugget Point, Surat Bay, Lake Wilkie, Purakanui Falls, Tautuku Bay and Coromandel Peninsula.

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