Beaches and Hot Springs in Busan of South Korea

Beaches and Hot Springs in Busan are the reasons why thousands of tourists visit the city every year. There are several beaches in Busan which are popular sunset points in the city. The beaches offer stunningly beautiful views of the East Sea. Busan Beaches mirror the true spirit of the city as they always remain crowded with local people and tourists. This area harbors numerous shops, food stalls, bars, handicrafts stores and various other entertainment centers. Busan is the largest port city in South Korea. This modern city is not only a center for man made wonders it is also known for its natural wonders as well. Beaches and Hot Springs in Busan are the most notable among those.
There are plenty of things to do in Busan with several Beaches and Hot Springs around you. You can indulge in various recreational and adventure activities on the beaches. Enjoy the breathtaking vistas of sunrise and sunsets and enjoy swimming, sailing, surfing and horse riding on the beach. When it comes to Sightseeing in Busan you cannot miss out the most beautiful beach in Korea, Haeundae Beach. This narrow stretch of sand is the longest beach in the city. Haeundae Beach is the only beach where you can have ocean water and hot spring together. With abundant natural beauty this beach is one of the most popular Tourists Destinations in Busan. It is frequented by honeymooners and tourists everyday.
Haeundae Beach in Busan is special because it ensures easy access to one of the most scenic spots in Busan, Dongbaek Island. The island is connected with the beach with a naturally formed land bridge. Tourists visiting Haeundae beach often visit this island. The island covered with camellia trees houses a beautifully landscaped park.
Gwangalli Beach is another beach in Busan which you should also visit in Busan. This area is easily accessible from the city center and you can have buses and taxis from this region to visit this place of attraction. This beach offers splendid views of Wangandaegyo Bridge floating above the ocean waters. The bridge, lit with neon lights looks beautiful at night. The beach is a one of the most happening places in the city with shops and food stalls lining up the streets. A number of hotels and lodges have also cropped up in the area in the recent past.
While talking about Busan Hot springs you cannot miss Dongnae Hotspring which is definitely included in the list of must-sees. The hot spring is popular for its healing quality. There are changing rooms and other facilities for tourists who flock there to take a bath in the spring water. In short, Beaches and Hot Springs in Busan are enough to keep you engaged in the city for a few days.

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