Beaches in Cook Islands

Beaches in Cook Islands are the best attractions that the tourists can get at to see on their trip to Cook Islands. The Cook Islands in surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on all sides. There are 15 islands that make the Cook Islands. They are spread all across the 15 islands. You would find few of the finest beaches in Cook Islands in Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Mangaia, Manuae, Palmerston Atoll, Manihiki Atoll and Rakahanga Atoll.

Rarotonga has few of the finest coral beaches in the island. it is the capital of the islands and has a volcanic background. The jagged peaks and the turquoise lagoons together justify the name ‘jewel in the Pacific’ as it has been called for long. The Muri Braches and the Nagatangiaa are the most popular beaches in Rarotonga and are ideal for windsurfing. It also encourages sailing and it houses the Rarotonga Sailing Club near Avarua Harbor. Few of the other famous beaches are Black Rock Beaches, Sunset Beach, South Beach, Titikaveka Beach and Puaikura Beach.
Aitutaki Island also has some of the finest and pristine beaches in the Cook Islands. It houses one of the best lagoons and is also possessor of rare marine life. The shallow water of Aitutaki is also suitable for snorkeling, swimming and is also popular as picnic spots in the island. Aitutaki Island has sandy beaches like One Foot Island, Kaiami Beach, Akituia and the Pacific Resort Aitutaki which is the white sandy beach opposite to the lagoon in Aitutaki.

Mangaia is the second largest Island among all the islands of Cook Islands and has two beautiful beaches. Aramoana Beach and Eastern Beach are located in this part of the Cook Island. Manuae Beach id also one of the famous beaches in Manuae Island and is posited on the peak of the submerged volcano. There are also two other beaches on the Palmerston Atoll, namely Palmerston Weather Station Beach and Leicester Beach.

There are also coral reefs and small islets in some of the other islands of the Cook Island. Beaches in Cook Islands Beaches are the tourist hot spots and offer a plethora of adventurous activities and also water sports to the globe trotters.

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