Beaches in India

Beaches in India have attained worldwide acclaim for the scenic beauty and activities they offer. Gleaming sun, unending stretches of sand, salubrious climate and sweeping view of majestic sea make the atmosphere on the Indian beaches euphoric. Beaches in India are capable of providing ultimate vacation experience. You can bathe under the golden rays of the sun, ramble on the beach and see the waves hitting the shore.

Best Beaches in India
Given here is brief description of best beaches in India.

Dona Paula Beach, Goa
Dona Paula beach in Goa, ideal for sports and adventure lovers, is the most popular beach in Goa. The two Goan rivers meet the Arabian sea in the bay of Dona Paula where the Marmagoa harbor is located. Dona Paula Sports Club offers necessary appartus for activities like water-scooter, cycle, and motorboat rides. Other water sports one can include in are windsurfing, para sailing, water-skiing, toboggan ski-biscuit, ski bob, sports fishing, harpoon fishing, kayaking, and yachting.

Anjuna Beach, Goa
Anjuna beach, a popular beach adjacent to Chapora Fort, is 18 kms off Panaji. One of the hotspots among the youngsters, natural beauty of Anjuna beach is assisted by the painted palm trees. Locals love to indulge in full moon parties in the beach. Near Anjuna beach is magnificent Albuquerque Mansion flanked by octagonal towers and attractive Mangalore tiled roofs. Tourists love to come back to Anjuna beach.

Colva Beach, Goa
Colva beach in Goa can arouse your sixth sense with its enthralling natural beauty. One of the most popular beaches in South Goa, it is the pride of the province. Colva beach is highly popular among the tourists coming to Goa. It is at heart of the longest unbroken stretch of beach in Goa from Marmagoa to Cabo de Rama. One can indulge in swimming as a safe activity while on Colva Beach.

Gopalpur Beach, Orissa
Regarded one of the most pristine beaches in India., Gopalpur beach has been developed as a great winter resort . Located 16 kms off Berhampur, Gopalpur Beach can be easily visited. Not so popular like the Goa or Kerala Beaches but this pristine small beach of Orissa is a retreat for the sun, sea and sand lovers. The beach is known for its peaceful atmosphere. So make your holidays free from hue and cry of the bustling metropolitans on the Gopalpur beache. The beach continues to summon the beach worshipers for the activities it provides.

Puri Beach, Orissa
Puri beach is one of the most fascinating beaches in India. Located on the shores of the breathtakingly beautiful Bay of Bengal, Puri beach is best to be visited during the annual Puri festival. With the ultimate charm of the beach one can also get the charm of crafts, cuisines, and cultural assets of Orissa. Puri beach is not only important from the tourism point of view but it is also an important religious site. The golden memories of the golden glowing sands,the scintillating surf and the beauty of the beach all are unparalleled. With time at hand you may move another 8 km from Puri to the Balighai Beach whose natural beauty has made it a popular picnic spot. The beach is particularly very nice for the people who love to pass time in secluded beaches.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala
Beauty of Kovalam beach can fascinate anyone. The appealing beauty of Kovlam beach attracts people from all over the world. Its an hour journey from Trivendrum to the Kovalam beach. Known for beach resorts, Kovalam beach in Kerala offers the best of facilities to its visitors like sunbathing and swimming. Ayurvedic massages have been the traditions of Kerala and one can enjoy these traditions to the hilt in Kovalam.