Beaches in Morocco

Beaches in Morocco are great for the travelers. The Moroccan shoreline boasts several miles of stunning beaches and most of them are white, sandy and clean. While you go on a trip to Morocco, you can take a trip along the various sightseeing places including its beaches. Beaches in Morocco make for must visit destinations for the travelers. You can find total 120 beaches in the Mediterranean zone comprising Saidia to Tangiers. There are also 238 beaches at the north Atlantic from Tangiers to Essaouira and 54 beaches from Agadir to Dakhla.

Travelers can look forward to spend a laid-back day amidst sand and the balmy Moroccan gentle wind. There are several beaches where you can spend your leisure time with sea, sand and sun. Have a look at some of the most well known Beaches in Morocco.
Grottes d’Hercules- One of the popular Beaches in Morocco is the Grottes d’Hercules. This seashore is beautiful and remains jam-packed most of the times during the holidays. Travelers usually flock to this place from the months of July and August. The water here is evidently much colder than the Mediterranean beaches of Tangier.

Dakhla- Dakhla, another famous one among the Beaches in Morocco, is largely thronged by the anglers and is excellent for bathing or sun tanning. The brilliant picturesque vista will attract you to take some beautiful snaps here.

Plage Quemada, Al Hoceima- This beach has a good reputation for always being crowded with the vacationers. This beach is considered to be the most stunning and tourist-friendly one. Asfiha, Al Hoceima- If you want to go for swimming during your walk along the shoreline, then you are suggested not to come to Asfiha beach. The water of this beach is very shallow and the sand is unclean and sultry. The main attraction of this beach is its pleasant vista of the Spanish Island that is just a few hundred meters away from the coast.

El Jadida- Another well-known attraction is El Jadida beach. The beach is situated very close to the downtown and it is very clean and pleasant. Lalla Fatma- This is the cleanest one among the Beaches in Morocco. This beach is beautiful with its powdery white sand and ambiance of solitude. Sun bathing is a great thing to do here.

Tangier Town Beach is a beautiful beach surrounded by stunning mountains and the white houses of Tangier.

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