Beaches in Portugal

The country of Portugal is full of verdant beaches and they bring to the forefront the serene beauty of the land. The Beaches in Portugal are visited by a considerable number of tourists and they are at the center of a wide range of activities. There are many beaches in Portugal which has attained considerable popularity among the tourists. The Beaches in Portugal are spread over a coastline of over 800 kilometers and they vary according to the geographical condition of the place.

The Beaches in Portugal which are found in the Algarve are very serene and comprise of white sands. The Olhao beaches are perfect for a wonderful sunbathing experience and many of the foreigners go there for a day out in the sun. The Beaches in Portugal in the resort areas of Algarve are especially popular among the travelers and most of them are crowded in the month of August. The month of August is the peak holiday season in the country. The Beaches in Portugal also offers many kinds of beach houses to the tourists but they are quite expensive to buy. The beach houses in the renowned areas like Algarve are quite expensive rather then the ones found in the less popular places like Lisbon.

The Beaches in Portugal are also quite popular among the guests for many kinds of water sports events are held there. The Praia do Tonel beach near Sagres is one of the popular beaches and famous for organizing adventure sports events. The Portugal Beaches do organize some of the popular adventure sports like kayaking, Para sailing and Para gliding.
The Beaches in Portugal also offers some of the best cafes and bars to be found in the country. The cafes sell some of the exotic Portuguese cuisines and also international dishes. The bars serve the guests a range of branded cocktails which keeps them entertained. The tourists can take their friends and families over there and enjoy a leisure trip. The Beaches in Portugal provide the tourists with a memorable holiday experience.

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