Beaches in Tonga

When you are in Tonga, do not miss the opportunity of visiting the beaches in Tonga. All the popular tourist destinations of Tonga, especially Vava’u, boast of few good beaches on the main island. You would also find some gorgeous palm -fringed beaches in Tonga.
In Tongatapu, which is the main island of Tonga you would find couple of nice beaches. However, if you want to visit some stunning beaches in Tonga then you can visit the uninhabited offshore islands. The best beach that you can find in Tongatapu is at Ha’atafu. It lies on the western tip of the island. The beach with slightly coarse sand is a great place for strolling. It is also an ideal place for both swimming and snorkeling. On the southern coast of Tongatapu you would find some cove beaches which offer you natural swimming pools. However, here you cannot do snorkeling since the reef is too close to the shores. On the eastern side also you would find some good beaches.
You would also find good beaches on the main island of Ha’apai. All these beaches have holiday beach resorts where you can stay for a day or two and enjoy the beauty of the beaches.
Fafa Island boasts of an excellent palm-fringed beach and it is one of the best beaches in Tonga. Here you can enjoy snorkeling to your heart’s content. Tufuvai Beach on the island of Eua off the south-eastern coast of Tongatapu is also an excellent beach. Ha”aluma Beach is also another excellent option but because of the dangerous currents you should not swim here.
Some of the best beaches in Tonga lie a few miles off the main island, most of which are visible from Nuku’alofa. Fafa Island has a gorgeous palm fringed beach. Arrangements can be made for day cruises to the uninhabited islands within the lagoon where you’ll find deserted beaches and sandbanks with excellent scope for snorkeling.
Those of you want to visit the beaches of Tonga which are easily accessible they should visit the beaches on Lifuka and neighboring Foa Island. Though the Foa Island is small and flat, you can easily find the beaches here. In the northern point of Foa Island is the best beach for swimming. It has fine white sand for miles. In the southern point of Lifuka, you would also find a nice swimming beach.
In Vava’u you would find some lovely beaches but you have to get a boat or a kayak to reach them. One of the best beaches in Tonga can be found in Vaka’eitu. This is a nice cove beach which is popular with those who love snorkeling.