Beaches of Christmas Island in Kiribati

There are a number of sand and shingle Beaches in Christmas Island which will make your vacation delightful. The Beaches in Christmas Island which have formed gradually over a period of years through volcanic eruptions within the Pacific Ocean and by the formation of reefs and corals have contributed to the beauty of the beaches here.
The Beaches in Christmas Island offer you plenty of opportunities for a fantastic holiday. Away from the glare of media attention and small crowds, it gives you the glamour of major coastal areas enjoying all major comforts without any inconvenience. The beaches are the most obvious attraction with facilities for windsurfing, kite surfing, boating for all adventure lovers. Besides the abundant opportunities, for sports activities, the exquisite richness of the island’s shores with abundant tropical beauty makes it a haven for visitors who can also enjoy the diverse varieties of flora and fauna. Placed in beautiful diving sites, the Christmas Island gives the traveler some rare sights into the varieties of coral, like whip corals and cabbage corals.
The Christmas Island Beaches are also renowned for the annual migration of the Red Crabs and the Mangrove Swamps with a amazing range of species. The island provides excellent spots for snorkeling, diving, and exploring its rock pools. Scuba diving is one of the major adventure sports associated the island’s beaches for its excellent coastline and unpolluted waters because of almost no industrial wastes dumped into the sea. The reefs surrounding the island contain a variety of underwater wildlife of exotic varieties, and you shall definitely have a lifetime experience seeing these rare species mellowed by the slanting sun rays which penetrate the ocean’s surface waters. You can also go for Big Game Fishing, organizing private fishing charters and trolling, with the Dog Tooth Tuna, Trevally, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Martin and Barracuda as some of the important species.
Some of the popular beaches in Christmas Island are the Greta Beach, the Lily Beach, the Ethel Beach and Dolly Beach known for their pristine secluded beauty and which shall make your Christmas Island Tours very interesting. In some of these beaches you can observe several marine turtles resting, besides pigeons and the ending stretch of palm and coconut trees which dot the Island’s surface.

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