Beaches of Egypt

The Mediterranean offers stunning azure water and you’ll find Egyptians flocking to its beautiful beaches.

Along the coastline between Sallum and Alexandria you can still find quiet places such as Sidi Abdel Rahman, an unspoilt beauty spot west of El Alamein.

If diving in turquoise waters and discovering exotic creatures of the deep is your goal, choose the Red Sea Coast. It stretches for more than 800 km from Suez in the north to the village of Shalatein, near the border of Sudan.

Mediterranean Beaches

Since the 1990s, the coast west of Alexandria has offered a wide range of seaside resorts. Tourist complexes include sports and shopping centres and, in some cases, marinas. In summer the climate here is gentler than on the Red Sea and the wonderful white sandy beaches attract many holidaymakers. As elsewhere in Egypt, natural beauty and archaeological remains are found side-by-side offering the possibility of multi-interest holidays.

15 km west of Alexandria.
The regions climate is ideal for spa tourism and relaxation. In addition to Lake Mariut, there are the extensive remains of the early Christian city of Abu Mena. As a result of irrigation seepage, the site is now under threat and features on Unescos list of World Heritage Sites in Danger.

25 km west of Alexandria.
Now the meeting-place for the jet set, the village of Agami has been nicknamed the Egyptian Saint-Tropez and fashionable restaurants, nightclubs, luxury cars and villas abound. Swimming is only possible from private beaches such as Bianci Beach.

Abu Sir
50 km west of Alexandria.
Abu Sir is the name given by the Bedouins to the ancient Ptolemaic city of Taposiris Magna. All that remains of the city today is the 30m-high lighthouse, a quarter-sized replica of the one which stood at Alexandria. There are three lovely beaches nearby.

Borg el-Arab
60 km west of Alexandria.
A new town founded by President Mubarak in 1988, Borg el-Arab has become a prestigious destination thanks to the arrival of the Hilton Hotel. The beach is perfect for water sports and an ideal playground for children.

Sidi Abdel Rahman
125 km from Alexandria.
This wonderful bay is one of the best-kept secrets of the whole coast. The village has managed to preserve its traditional Bedouin way of life and remains relatively underdeveloped, guaranteeing an air of authenticity. Today only the El-Alamein Hotel caters for visitors seeking out pristine, family beaches.far from the bustle of other seaside resorts

Red Sea Beaches

With its enchanting technicolour coral reefs, the Red Sea Riviera has seduced divers and snorkellers for decades. But its sun-drenched, powdery sands and lively resorts are tempting enough by themselves.

From the earthy buzz of Hurghada on the western coast to the sophisticated charms of Sharm el-Sheikh on the mountainous Sinai Peninsula, there’s a Red Sea resort to suit sun seekers, culture vultures, amateur archaeologists and even ardent adventurers.

When you’ve lounged around on its silvery sands and soaked up enough sun, there’s plenty to explore just beyond Sharm el-Sheik. Ras Mohammed National Park is for nature lovers with its majestic birds, graceful gazelles and striped and spotted fish.


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