For those interested in history Beechworth is literally a goldmine, it is registered by the National Trust as a Historic Town . White man first settled here in 1839. Gold was first found here in 1852 when Beechworth quickly became one of Australia’s richest gold fields, yielding 4,121,918 ounces in the first 10 years. The Chinese played a large part in the growth of the area introducing vegetable and tobacco growing. As the Chinese outnumbered the European by five to one there was always tension leading to the rioting Buckland Valley. A less savoury part of our history the Chinese were bashed, robbed and killed. The Chinese burning towers, and hundreds of graves, are a sad reminder of the hard life and difficult times faced by the early Australians.
There are magnificent buildings, some twenty-five of them are listed on the Victorian Historic Buildings Council Register. They truly reflect the fortunes that were made – and spent – during the gold rush days.
Beechworth is in the heart of the Kelly Country, both Ned and his mother were caught and spent time in Beechworth Gaol. Stand in the dock of the Court House on the spot where Ned Kelly was arraigned before being sent to Melbourne.
The fine granite facade is all that remains of the original Oven’s District Hospital, dating back to 1856, once the largest between Sydney and Melbourne. Geography Beechworth is nestled in the foothills of the Australian Alps. It is a thriving country town with central location to the snowfields and a wealth of the district’s features and attractions.
Accommodation in Beechworth caters to all tastes and budgets. From Motels, Hotels, Guest Houses and Caravan Parks, also catering for back-packers and family and group accommodation a specialty.
Travel Only a 30 minute drive from either Wodonga or Wangaratta. By car, Beechworth is 3 1/2 hours drive north of Melbourne and 6 1/2 hours south of Sydney along the Hume Highway. Sights Beechworth is alive with activity, there are bric-a-brac and many art & craft galleries, antique and unique specialty shops.
Or tour the town on foot and enjoy the local walks, information and maps providing guidance on the many historic sites and relics from a golden past are available most places. For something special and different visit the Beechworth Gallery, 500 metres from the roundabout towards Stanley, near historic Lake Sambell. Look for the Red and White Striped roof.
Touring The country around Beechworth is full of reminders of the gold rushes.
Beechworth is not just a well preserved old gold town it is a thriving country town whose central location to the snowfields, and the wealth of the district’s features and attractions, make it an ideal base from which to explore North East Victoria. Entertainment Stay a while and dine in the fine restaurants, coffee shops or gourmet deli’s or just enjoy the daily fresh delicacies of the Beechworth Bakery. Annual Festivals Drive back in Time – Feb Golden Horseshoes – Easter Harvest Festival – May Celtic Festival.