Bergen is considered to be the artist-town of the Netherlands. It is the second-largest city in Norway, a municipality, and a former county, in the county of Hordaland. Located just a few kilometers from Alkmaar, famous for its cheese market, Bergen is a very green village. Trees outnumber houses in every street, the woods and the dunes are always nearby, just as the typical Dutch polders (former lakes turned into farmland).


Museum Kranenburgh – Visit here for a selection of the best works of the painters from Bergen.

Woods and dunes are nearby. It’s about an hours walk from Bergen to Bergen aan Zee (Bergen at the Sea). You cross the broadest strecht of dunes The Netherlands have to offer (some 5 kilometers or 3 miles). Once on the beach, a walk to the south brings you to the old fishers village of Egmond aan Zee.

If you love classical music then International Holland Music Sessions held her in every August. It bring the most promising young classical musicians to Bergen for masterclasses.

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