Berlin Zoo in Germany

The Berlin Zoo, Germany boasts of being one of the favorite haunts of animal lovers, leisure travelers, and zoologists and conservationists of Europe. This zoo is home to a phenomenal number of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. All visitors are guaranteed a royal entry to the Berlin Zoo, Germany through its ornately carved elephant or lion gates. Currently, there are some fourteen thousand animals living in the Berlin Zoo, Germany, one of the prime Germany Zoological Parks.

The Berlin Zoo, Germany has a unique and remarkable history. It was founded in the year 1844 and housed animals bestowed on it by the then monarch of Prussia. Though the Berlin Zoo, Germany grew in size and the number of animals it contained by the first half of the twentieth century, the Second World War demolished the Zoo and killed several animals. However, after Germany overcame the ravages of the War, it started building up its different educational centers, edifices of significance as well as its Berlin Zoo, gradually. Today, the Berlin Zoo, Germany vaunts the number of animals that it nurtures and provides shelter to, to the whole world and is one of the chief Germany tourist attractions.

The gargantuan pandas occupy the center stage of the Berlin Zoo, Germany among other uncommon animals. This is because pandas are not commonly found in the different zoological gardens of the world, except for those in China. The Berlin Zoo in Germany employs the services of several zoologists who have devised smart scientific methods, which help different types of rhinoceroses to reproduce and thereby increase the number of rhinoceroses in the world. Rhinos have become rare animals and it is imperative that they multiply and not reach the brink of extinction.
The Berlin Zoo, Germany is easily accessible to the Germans as well as the tourists. This is because it lies in the area of Tiergarten in the vicinity of S-Bahn. The Berlin Zoo, Germany can be reached quickly by means of a train from the Train Station situated at the heart of Berlin.

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