Bertoua is located in Lom-and-Djrem the province of the East at Cameroun. The city of is to 350 km of Yaounde.

Bertoua is the provincial capital of the greatest forest area of Cameroun. Its geographical location makes of it the principal development pole of the area. Its current surface is estimated at 100 km . This locality occupies part of the Cameronian southern plate, vast peneplain whose attitude varies between 400 – 900 Mr. It is drained north in the south by the waterway called Djadombe. Its climate is of subtropical type at four seasons: a great season dries which goes from December to mimars; a small season of rains of mid-March at mid-May, a great season of rains of mid-September at November. The temperature is high there throughout the year, with a maximum of 30 C. the average oscillates between 23c and 25c. Precipitations are relatively abundant there (1500 with 2000mm of rains per annum).

The population growth is especially the fact of an important migration of the populations of the other administrative units of the East, other provinces of Cameroun and adjoining countries (Chad, RCA, Congo-Brazzaville, Nigeria).

The working population of Bertoua is made up in major part of young people who work in the informal sector where transport occupies a prevalent place. The level of low income does not support the access to education and the health whose offer is in addition weak.

It also was opened in Bertoua a university ( by archevche and whose godfather is Mgr Roger PYRENE.

Bertoua has an airport (code AITA: BTA