BhimKund in Khajuraho

The kund lies in an underground cave and is about 30m from the mouth. To the left of the entrance is a small Shivalinga (the phallic representation of Lord Shiva) But what’s truly astounding here is that the roof of the cave has a small opening just above the kund as this is the spot Bhim is said to have hit with his gada. The depth of this pool is believed to be measureless.

The pool is a lovely indigo blue which contrasts well with the red stone walls. There are some caves around it but no one has been adventurous enough to find out where they lead. There is something mysterious and exciting about this place, so much so that one almost tends to believe the pool’s epic origin.

Another legend has it that Narad Muni (the Sage Narad) performed the Gandharva Gayan (celestial song) in praise of Lord Vishnu (the second of the Hindu trinity of Creator-Preserver-Destroyer). Pleased with his devotion, Vishnu emerged from the kund and the water turned blue because of Vishnu’s dark complexion. No wonder then that the pool is also known as Neel Kund (Blue pool) and Narad Kund (after the sage).

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