Bialystok, located in Northeastern Poland near the Belarussian and Lithuan borders, was badly damaged during the Second World War. Despite its predominantly grey look, the city still has several hidden gems which are worth a visit.

The old Uniate church located in the centre of town has a wonderful interior and remains in good condition. The centre does have many shops and modern attraction but the highlight of any visit to Bialystok would be the Palace. Now home to the university’s school of medecine, the building has both amazing interior decor and wonderful gardens. The main hall has been fully restored and is a great reminder to the city’s past. The balcony of the main hall was the site of the Soviet/Polish communist agreement to partition Poland after the war. The adjoining room host the throne made for Pope Jan Pawel II which visitors may sit in.

The city is also famouos for its brand of Zubrowka (Bison Grass) Wodka, and the Polish lake district which is still home to many bison is a short distance away.