Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa of Kiribati

Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa is one of the popular tourist attractions in Tarawa. Get to know more about Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa through Tarawa Travel Guide.
Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet in Tarawa is located in North Tarawa. It offers the ideal place to go for picnicking, swimming and camping. The Biketawa Picnic & Camping Islet, Tarawa houses a lovely white sandy beach. The beach is lapped by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The islet is dotted with hotels and restaurants. The hotels here will arrange picnic trips and other activities like fishing, canoeing, snorkeling, beach volley ball, camping. The islet is landscaped by emerald green forests. Here you can for hiking and visit the beautiful hamlets in the islet. The beach is lined with beach chairs where you can relax and enjoy the sea, sun and sand. Take a stroll along the beach and enjoy the whisper of the sea and the wafts of soothing sea breeze.
Ambo Lagoon Club – The Lagoon Club is located on a wonderful beach by the Pacific Ocean in South Tarawa. It is ideal for swimming in all seasons. Some of the activities you can engage here are beach volley ball, dart, snorkeling, wind surfing, scuba diving. The club is provided with a golf course. The club also houses swings, trampoline and climb-up bars.

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