Bikini Atoll

Bikini Atoll, part of the Marshall Islands, in mid Pacific, is famous for the nuclear tests carried out in 1946, through to 1954. The islands are safe to visit, and background radiation is now less than most large cities. Visitors are advised not to eat produce grown on the atoll, due to the risk of ingesting ceasium, which may have a cumulative effect over a period of time. Fish are unaffected, and are in abundance due to lack of an idigenous population. Visiting the islands is strictly controlled. The majority of visitors travel to dive the wrecks from the 1946 tests, resting on the lagoon floor. Fishermen also enjoy the varied species and challenging fly fishing, in addition to angling for larger species including yellow fin tuna. There is accommodation for 12 visitors on Bikini Island, all booking is done through the local government

Indigenous people were relocated in 1946, and other than an abortive attempt to resettle the islands during the 1970’s, have remained in exile on other islands within the Marshall’s, and the USA.

Tourism on Bikini benefits the Bikini Islanders through a trust opeated by the Local Government.

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