Bird Watching in Egypt

In Egypt you can combine bird watching with sightseeing as birds have always played important roles in both the secular and sacred spheres of Egyptian culture. Falcon, hawk and vulture-headed gods, the splendid frieze of the ‘Medium Geese’ and the heron-like Bennu bird (the Egyptian correspondence to the phoenix, a mythical sacred firebird), are only a few of over 76 bird species that can be identified in many other wall paintings, reliefs and artefacts.

* Amateur ornithologists have been searching the skies for well over a century. With improved environmental protection and conservation, Egypt’s national parks are a delight for budding bird watchers. Over 150 indigenous species of birds live all year round in Egypt and another 280 migrate from their winter homes to the Nile’s fertile banks.

From the herons and flamingos of Lake Bardawil to the blue-cheeked bea eaters of Wadi Natrun, and from the songbirds and sunbirds of the lush Nile Valley to the ospreys and eagles of the Ras Mohammed National Park, there are endless opportunities for bird watching all along the Nile, the Suez, the Red Sea coast and Egypt’s great lakes and oases.

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