Bird Watching in Kiribati

Bird watching in Kiribati is a very old and enjoyable sport, rather saying Adventure sport will be better. Bird watching in Kiribati is a major adventure sport and is been cultivated thoroughly. Both bird watching and birding are the name of same sport which deals with or which include studying and observing different species and varieties of birds with eyes or some enhancements called binoculars. People who do a serious study of different birds and their behavior often come here. They have a special technique through which they identify most of the species with the sound they make.
Kiribati, bird watching is immensely famous for its location which makes Kiribati one of the most famous breeding places on earth. Most of these species of sea birds find Kiribati the best place for breeding amongst the tropical oceans. The official count says around eighteen species of these birds have made this Island their house. Some species of sea birds like Brown Boobies and Crested Terns nest there throughout the year. Other species of Sea birds like Sooty terns and Wedge tailed shearwaters come to Kiribati only to breed. Thousands of tourists come here to see this spectacular view of birds many of these come under rare species category.
Watching these birds feeding in flock of thousands can be a charismatic view, one can feed these birds to tuna [one of the favorite fishes to the sea birds] and soon huge flocks will gang up to enjoy the gala treat. To check out the brown and black Noddies one needs to ensure the position of squid and tiny fish around, and just keep a distance these birds will come over to pick their food and you get your delight of watching their activities.
A huge number of wildlife photographers and channel reporters come in bulk to capture and witness these captivating views of these free birds and their routine. Often students along with some research teams can be found who come here to study about the behavior of some bird species or may be the season and complications related to breeding and much more.