Bird Watching in Uttarakhand

The concerned people who are involved in bird watching in Uttarakhand or which is apparently known as ‘birding’ are primarily bulks of eager ornithologists or pleasure craving holidaymakers who are referred to as ‘birders’.

Most of the bird watching activity is chiefly witnessed during the spring season in the zones that are blessed with the temperate climate. It is in the midst of this season, that the superb migratory birds make there way to the southern or northern plains in search of cozy nests. The birders get ready with their cameras and other devices at crack of dawn as it serves to be the pre-eminent time to look out for exotic birds owing to the fact that the birds venture out in search of food.

The prominent bird watching centers in Uttarakhand are Corbett National Park, Rajaji National Park, Asan Barrage

The swamp at Asan Barrage, is located close to the convergence of two recurrent rivers Asanand Yamuna in Dehradun District. The lake attracts a quite large amount of waterfowl, both waders and divers.The birds listed as worldwide endangered species and in the IUCN Red Data Book have been observed at Asan. Though it may not be outsized, the absolute plenty of Avi fauna makes it a perfect place for bird lovers, Ornithologists.

Don’t forget to bring your binocular and good quality camera on this bird watching trip of Uttarakhand.

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