Birgunj, also known as Birganj, is a city in the Parsa district of southern Nepal’s Narayani zone, is simply considered a stop-over place for travelers going between India and Nepal. However, tourists come to see attractions like the Durga Temple, City Hall and the Shankar Acharya Gate. Travelers can find a select handful of hotels throughout the city to house all types of visitors, regardless of the nature of their stay.Apart from a few tourists who actually go to Birgunj to see the city, the city is simply taken as a stop over place for travelers, businessmen and pilgrims going to other destinations in Nepal. But spending a day or two at Birgunj is recommended, and is worth it, to discover another taste of Terai of Nepal!

Attractions in Birganj:Shankar Acharya Gate, Buddha Chaitya, Durga Temple, Ghadiharwa Pokhari, Clock Tower, City Hall,Goddess Gadi Mai temple at Kalaiya town.

To explore more about culture and traditions of there you can meet the local folks and farmers and learn about the way of life in Nepal.

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