Black Sea Coast

Blessed with an unpolluted sea, golden sands, and warm weather from spring to autumn, Romania’s Black Sea coast would long ago have rivaled the Mediterranean for popularity, had political conditions been different. The beaches are there; the modern hotels and facilities are there; a wealth of inland attractions, from castles to vineyards, are there; all that has been lacking is recognition. Now, with the country heading towards a new, strong future, the Black Sea is destined to become a major European holiday destination.
Altogether, Romania’s Black Sea coast extends for 245 kilometers (153 miles) from the fascinatingly unspoiled nature reserves of the Danube Delta down to the leisure activities of numerous holidays centers. The two areas could hardly be more different. Whereas the Delta is strictly protected from intrusion, the southern 70km (44 miles) have been developed into a string of beach resorts and health spas catering to all ages and interests, from small children to grandparents; all served by the tourist and transport amenities of the city of Constanta. Furthermore, the Black Sea is free of strong tides, so swimming is unusually safe.

Most important place on the Black Sea Coast is Constanta which profits of the boost in tourism and has an amazing variety of things to offer for the tourist. The major resort next to Constanta is called Mamaia. Down to the south lies the little charming village of Mangalia with special health resorts from Communist times.