Blooming Krachiao Flower Festival

The Siam Tulip Festival of Chaiyaphum

The unique geographical landscape of Chaiyaphum Province in the northeast of Thailand gives rise to a range of natural attractions of exceptional beauty. Of these, the fields of pinkish-purple Siam Tulip, or Dok Krachiao, come in to full bloom in the early part of the rainy season from June to August.

Also commonly called ‘patumma’, ‘bua sawan’ (heaven lotus), or ‘bua bok’ (the land lotus), the Siam Tulip is a member of the ginger genera – Curcuma or Zingiberaceae.

The unusual form, bright colour and long-lasting quality of the Siam Tulip has made it an increasingly popular choice for floral decorations. It is in high demand and is currently being cultivated in the form of cuttings or ornamental plants for local consumption as well as for export overseas, predominantly to Japan and the Netherlands.


The extraordinary ‘rock-garden’ of Pa Hin Ngam (forests of beautiful rock), located within a forested area in the Amphoe Thep Sathit sub-district is another place of interest.

Pa Hin Ngam consists of 10 sq. kilometres of impressive natural sandstone sculpture. Weathered by sun, wind and rain over thousands of years, the sandstone is worn into curious shapes, the names of which reflect its form such as Nail Rock, Castle Rock, Elephant Rock and even Laser Rock.

Tat Ton Waterfall

In addition to this unusual rock formation, Chaiyaphum Province also has its share of spectacular waterfalls such as the Tat Ton and Pha Eang Waterfalls and the Tum Kaew Caves, and other breathtaking sights and vantage points.