Boating in Acapulco

Boating in Acapulco

Acapulco, Mexico – 1 May 2006 to 31 May 2006

Acapulco Bay enjoys one of the finest boating events in the world every year during May.

The Acapulco Boat show is the most important nautical event in Mexico and attracts a large gathering of local people, aficionados and tourists wanting to enjoy the atmosphere.

It is a carnival spirit which engages the city during the boat show, with plenty to enjoy for boating and fishing fans.

A variety of exhibitions are on display, from some impressive yachts and boats to sport fishing equipment manufacturers.

This event runs the whole gamut, however, offering something for the small-scale occasional fisherman to those interested in purchasing a new boat.

Held at the Acapulco Yacht Club, the grounds provide ample space for the event, with 4,500 square metres taken over for the show.

There are various supplementary events which take place over the course of the show, including a fishing tournament for those looking to test their fishing skills


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