Boating in Puducherry

The facilities of boating in Pondicherry (Puducherry) are particularly popular among the leisure travelers. Boat trips to the offshore dolphins will surely add to your pleasure. However for the dolphin trips prior reservations are required. The Tourist office and the Seagulls Restaurant make arrangements for boating in Pondicherry. The picturesque backwaters and the lush green verdure along the two sides of the Chunnambar River can be best explored on boat trips.

The affordable rates make the boating in Pondicherry popular among the locals as well. Boats can be rented for trips on all seven days of week. A single boathouse can be reserved for minimum five people. If the boat is full to its capacity, the boat ride will not cost more than Rs. 50 per person. The ideal time for boating in Pondicherry is the early morning hours. The spectacular sights of dolphin points will leave you in awe. The first round of boat trip starts from 10 am. The timing for afternoon trip is at 2 pm. The one-hour of boating in Pondicherry is sure to maximize the pleasures of holidaying.

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