Boeblingen is a city in southern Germany. A small University Town, very nice.

Tenth-scrub (1593 build), includes today the Boeblingen urban gallery and the farmer war museum (with tin figure diorama and many text boards). German butcher museum, in a half timbered house (painted walls on the inside).

The Evangelist parish church at the market place is the landmark of the city. The church was destroyed in the Second World War and rebuilt again after the war.

Several fairs around the marketplace/Schlossplatz and the lakes (e.g. Town fair Boblinger Jahrmarkt in July, wine festival in September and Christmas Market in December). Since 1996: every year Boblinger Sommer am See (lit. Summer at the lake) from June to September. There are over 60 events (e.g. concerts, flea market) taking place around the two lakes in Boblingen. At regular intervals concerts and other events happen at the Stadthalle (town hall) and at the Congress Centrum (Congress centre), like the Wetten, dass.. show, and concerts by international pop and rock stars.

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